Agios Onouphrios Ware jug

Vaulted Tombs of Mesara ➔ Agios Onouphrios Ware jug

Height: 21.5 cm.
Agios Onouphrios
Agios Onouphrios Hill
Early Bronze Age. Prepalatial period, Early Minoan I period.:
3100 - 2700 BC:
Exhibition thematic unit:
Early Bronze Age - Prepalatial period (3000 - 1900 BC). Settlements and cemeteries - the rise of ruling groups
For the dead. From personal event to communal practices
This jug is one of the first objects acquired by the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. It was purchased together with other finds from a tomb on the hill of Agios Onouphrios, just north of Phaistos. The decoration heightens the aesthetic effect of the elegant shape. Groups of vertical and intersecting diagonal lines and horizontal bands in red flow across the buff ground of the jug, giving the impression of dividing it into sections. This type of vase decoration is found in several variations at many sites of Minoan Crete, but it is particularly popular in the Mesara. It is named Agios Onouphrios Ware after the first site at which such vessels were discovered and marks the appearance of painted decoration on the pottery of Minoan Crete.
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