• [ΚΕΝΟ]


Clay Linear B tablet

Intact, slightly chipped
Length: 19 cm. Height: 4 cm.
Palace, Area of the Bull Relief
Late Bronze Age. Final Palatial period, Late Minoan IΙΙA2 period.:
1375-1300 BC:
Exhibition thematic unit:
Late Bronze Age - Final Palatial period (1450-1300 BC). The Knossos monopalatial system
Economy and administration. Linear B script. Economic data
Palm-leaf tablet summarising flocks of sheep and goats and herds of bovids and pigs. It records a total of 952 sheep, 365 goats, 81 pigs and 12 oxen. The tablets preserved in various areas of the palace of Knossos prioritised the breeding of flocks of sheep for their wool, for use in textile production, and the stages of production of many types of woollen and linen cloth. The palace appointed special overseers to carry out the inventory and control the production of flocks far from Knossos. These overseers were probably high-ranking members of the social hierarchy.
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